Welcome to CWA Local 2001, serving approximately 1000 members at Frontier Communications,
AT&T Wireless, Avaya, AFT Staff, and WV ABCA

(Membership meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday of the month.)

2001 Member:

Our contract books have arrived and we will start distributing them this week. Tomorrow we will be in the cafeteria at 1500 MacCorkle Avenue and Rock Branch, Poca, passing books out. Due to the number of books that we received, you will have to sign for your book in order for us to ensure that everyone gets a copy. The contract is also available on our web page, CWA2001.org


Meetings were held between the Union and the Company on August 20-21, 2015. The Union again addressed our number 1 Proposal of having “all” CWA members in West Virginia under one contract. The Union also raised concerns over the amount of contracting work that is being performed in the “Original” Frontier exchanges. We presented the Company with several comprehensive data requests that will be thoroughly reviewed. The Proposals that the Bargaining Committee has submitted to the Company all coincide with our number 1 Proposal of “all” one Bargaining Unit. The Company presented the Union with its initial Healthcare Proposal that the Bargaining Committee found to be unacceptable. We will continue to work on this issue. High level meetings are scheduled between the Union and the Company, and the atmosphere is still good at the table. Please do what you can to help with this fight.

Stay strong!

President, Ken “Mister” Williams


Legacy/Original Frontier contract was to expire on July 31st at 11:59pm, but has been extended until August 31st at 11:59pm.

Union and the company will meet again on 8/20-21

Frontier CBA142 General Agreement

Frontier Legacy Bargaining Updates

Visit Unity@Verizon and www.verigreedy.com to read more.

CWA’s Charity of Choice is the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

We have supported the Foundation for more than 20 years and CWA locals have raised and donated $7 million to support the work done by the Foundation. 
Please watch click here to watch an educational and moving video to learn more about the Foundation and the work that it does.       

Click Here for Your Frontier Benefits Resource Contact List


Un-ion-- n. organized body of employees who work together to upgrade their working conditions and wages. (Webster’s Dictionary)


Gerry Horgan
Courtesy of CWA Local 1103

Gerry Horgan was taken away from his family and friends 20 years ago on Aug 15, 1989.  He succumbed to the injuries he sustained after being run down by a scab while walking the picket line fighting for medical benefits from a Greedy NYNEX Corporation.   We wear Red in solidarity and to always remember our fallen brother.  Today many Members only know Gerry as an event that happen during the 4 month long strike for medical benefits.  Gerry was much more, he was a husband, a father, a son and a dear friend who has been missed these past 20 years. 


We invite all CWA Members to take a moment and watch & listen to Gerry’s family and friends and celebrate the man who stood up and stood out and paid the ultimate price.  Click the link below and view the video production: 


Gerry Horgan: A Voice in the Union.


Union SAFE - Security. Assistance. Financial Education. Unique Benefits for Union Members at Risk

Benefit for Active & Retired Members on Bell Atlantic payroll as of August 1986

If you want to serve on a Committee, please contact the Committee Chair or
leave a message at the Local - 304-344-2001-
Click here for Committee Chairs and descriptions.  



The triangle symbolizes the three major programs of the union:
representation, organizing and community/political action.  None can stand alone. 
If the triangle is broken on any side, sooner or later it will be broken on every side. 
CWA's founding president, Joseph Beirne, called this the "triple threat."


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2512 Kanawha Blvd., East
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